Credit solutions

Ensures professional assistance in obtaining the most profitable loans from Australian finance market.


How it work?


Credit solutions acts as a negotiator between the banks and debtors in completion process of credit operations for individuals and legal entities.


Credit solutions forwards your loan request to all possible credit issuing authorities, banks, insurance companies, pension funds and other banking and financial organizations which possess state license for issuing loans.


The main task of Credit solutions is the choice of correct institution and the loan product for debtor’s needs, the preparation of all the necessary documentation and full support for loan processing transactions.


Credit solution provides financial guidance and assistance in obtaining consumer, mortgage and collateral loans.


Our long Partnerships, huge traffic, rich experience and well-coordinated team work of professionals allows us to solve the problems quickly that our clients put before us.


Credit Solutions takes full responsibility of client support throughout the process , from preparation of documents up to receiving loans.


Our knowledge of credit services market, strong relationships with banks and an valuable reputation.


Our company ensures the maximum chances of obtaining a loan for our clients and allows us to find a way out for the most desperate situations.

competitive privileges:

Our vast coverage of several areas at a time in order to provide a choice to the client.

Selection of bank and the most ideal programs individually worked out for each client.

Transparency, informing the client about the progress of the transaction.

A wide range of our offered services.

The minimum terms for obtaining debt approval from the bank.

Credit solutions is a trustworthy partner which provides support and professional guidance in obtaining necessary loan or any loan product, with the lowest interest rates and on favorable terms for the client.

What you get:

  • Quick response to our client’s applications and requests;
  • A report about institutions and authorities where requests are made and their responses.
  • Qualified consultation about credit products and services;
  • Individual approach to every case and debtor’s situation;
  • Saving of personal time and financial resources;
  • A quick selection of suitable credit solution from banks;
  • Full Confidentiality of your data provided for loan processing;
  • Transparency of our services in accordance with Australian laws.
  • Full support during transaction process between the bank and the debtor.
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Stages of process



Fill your application online, your family name, last name and cell number are enough.

Free of cost consultation

We allocate you a personal manager, which contacts you to gather all basic details in order to offer you first consultation by telephone. If our manager understands after analyzing your situation that we can help you, He / She invites you at our office with all necessary documents.


Meeting at our office

While you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with sweets, the team of our analytics checks all documents provided by you and chooses suitable credit product or program for you.

Contract signing

If provided variants are suitable for you, we sign a contract with you to offer you our services. IMPORTANT! All commissions and percentages detailed in contract are payable only after you are paid by the bank.



According to the loan program chosen by you, we send an application to all credit issuing authorities.

Money withdrawal

Once your loan is approved, you go to the bank and withdraw money or transfer it into your account. As agreed by you in the contract, you make settlement with us.


Partner banks

Reviews from our clients


Its already one year as I am in cooperation with this company, The first time when I reached them I needed 250 thousands to be refinanced. All major and well known banks declined my applications because of big numbers of amount. My whole income went on loan payments. At Credit Solutions they helped me to cut payment bills by half! I could close my credit card loans for which I had to pay percentages in bulk. For the second time I reached this company when I needed money in order to buy part of my apartment, Experts helped me in the approval of 140 thousand at 4.1% per year without insurance. Now I always contact them whenever I need new loan or refinance solution, Specialists of this company always welcome and consult. They help to choose the best solutions. I want to thank especially to Mike and Alexander, they always consult as competent as they have a vast experience of working with banks.


I am so thankful to Tony and Olivia for the support and help. The difficult situation which I was in, they helped me to choose the best solution. They are real professionals. I am satisfied and I can recommend to all who feel doubt, These people are professionals and they will help definitely.


I never experienced loans before. However I faced difficulties in my life. I was afraid that I will not meet the real professionals. So, I decided to ask my friends, they advised me your company. Your company really helped me a lot , Thanks a lot again.


I never thought that I will fell into the debt pit. My situation was very furious and I did not found any solution. One of my acquainted offered me Ruby’s number. Within a month I got my problem solved, they approved my loan for refinancing purpose for my old credits. I am thankful for your help! I surely will


Despite my bad credit history, they found a solution out of situation. They really helped me on time. Thanks!


They are a reliable company, their specialists are experienced and really helped me out.


I did not even thought that it is that much fast to negotiate and sign a mortgage plan under very good percentage rate. Thank you so much guys!

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